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Never enough absorbency!

 Main Points

  • The perfect transition product for the child who is mostly ready for underwear but still has the occasional accident.
  • Two layers of super absorbent microterry in the wet zone make these pants perfect for those moments when the potty is just a little too far, and for kids who really can't hold it.
  • If your child is showing the signs of readiness listed here then Learning Pants are for her!

 Sizing Directions

Our learning pants system- just like our covers - is built around flexibility. Here’s what’s important to know about our sizing options:

  • Sizes 1 & 2 combine together as one size - Small - which fits kids from 18 to 25 pounds.
  • Sizes 3 & 4 come together as Medium - which fits kids from 25 to 35 pounds.
  • Sizes 5 & 6 combined are our biggest size - Large - which is for larger kids of 30 to 45+ pounds.


Shipping is done by Canada Post. It usually takes us maximum 5 days after the completion of your purchase to ship the order out.

 Returns & Replacements

We offer easy returns for all unused covers. Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds, but store credit.