About Us

Before we designed the AppleCheeks™ system , we thought a lot about what parents need.

And since we're mothers ourselves, we thought about the most pressing needs of our own babies.
When we considered what was already available, we realized there was SO much room for improvement. We knew what we had to do.

"Imagine a dry bottom that actually looks good..."

This is how it all started - with a desire to create a better cloth diapering system.
We knew we could design a system that not only actively contained leaks, but that looked good while it did it!
And we also wanted something that would be easy to use - a no-brainer decision.
We didn't only want to design another good cloth diapering system. We wanted to design the best one.

Our goal was to create something our own children could wear every day.

And that we, as mothers, would choose to use every single day. We wanted to make the choice to cloth diaper an easy one. So we started thinking very differently about reusable diapers.
And after considering the best materials and designs, we tested, and tested, and tested some more. Then we came up with the unique, premium AppleCheeks™ system you see today.
We did it by choosing the best materials on the market, and by keeping abreast of the latest market trends. This is how we made diapers that not only fit beautifully on any child, but that give those pesky leaks a run for their money.
And we've made it all - from design to production - local. We design and produce our products in Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦.

Buckle down, because these aren't your grandma's diapers. This is a revolution in the world of reusable diapering.

AppleCheeks 101: Introduction